Our Savings Products

SafeRegular Savers

Our regular savings account is tailored to serve micro, small and medium sized businesses and individuals

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SafeJunior Savers

You can save for your children/wards (age 0 to 18 years). Secure their future with a monthly minimum deposit of N5,000.

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SafeEduCare (Savings)

This product is designed to assist parents, guardians and even working-students with an easy access to funds for school fees and related financial needs.

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SafeSmart Savers

This is a hybrid account with benefits of current and savings accounts.

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SafeFixed Savers

Our fixed deposit package is customer focused and features some interesting benefits which include: Rewarding Interests on fixed deposit, Up-front Interest on fixed deposit as may be desired and access to our fixed deposits before maturity attracts no penalties.

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Provides easy access to micro-loans for individual members of a working group or co-operative group/society.

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